Education Is Power

Don't Let School Hold You Back!!

A Full-Time Alternative to School for Teens

A Hybrid of Homeschooling and School

As an alternative to middle and high school, Bay State Learning Center (BSLC) offers personalized, flexible learning opportunities for teens in a supportive atmosphere. It combines the most valuable parts of school—peers, classes, and mentors—with freedom to choose what and how you learn, and autonomy in decision making.


autonomynot subjugation

curiosity & inquirynot passivity

creating unique pathsnot fitting a mold

intrinsic motivationnot extrinsic pressure to perform

personalized interest-based learningnot set curriculum 

qualitative reviews & assessmentsnot standardized testing and grades

Through a rich set of compelling resources (including engaging classes, activities and community) and personal guidance from strongly committed and caring mentors, it fosters curiosity, promotes dynamic self-directed learning and creates an environment for our members to have the freedom to follow their interests. 

Our Mission

Empower teens through careful guidance and an invigorating environment to design their own path to a purposeful life.


Through one-on-one mentoring and a vibrant and flexible teaching community, we help kids discover their true strengths and passions.


Meaningful classes, workshops, activities and events. Emphasis on hands-on, experiential and project-based learning.


Become a member. Work with committed mentors to identify your interests, develop a learning plan & build skills at your own pace.


Volunteers are a big part of BSLC's community. Come share your time, skills and experiences with a teen.


Hear stories from teens, alumni, parents, staff and volunteers about their many learning pathways and experiences.


BSLC emphasizes learning both inside and outside the classroom. Check back here often -  we continually add or modify events.

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45 Bullard St, Dedham, MA 02026 781-355-6575 [email protected]


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Bay State Learning Center is a non-profit, non-governmental, 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization