What About College?

There is a huge population of students in the United States that get into college without going to middle school or high school. In fact, most students who pursue non-traditional education get into college. There are many ways to get accepted to colleges and college admissions officers value home schoolers and students from non-traditional educational backgrounds for their initiative and self-motivation. Colleges have admissions procedures for students who have not attended high school. Colleges want intelligent, passionate, self-confident students, who can do college work regardless of whether or not they have been to high school. BSLC will provide support and all necessary assistance with the college application process.


Ways to transition to college from BSLC:


Keeping a well-documented portfolio of your work to present to college admissions officers is usually a successful method. Sometimes colleges will require the student to take a standardized test. At BSLC we can help with all aspects of this process.


Community College  

Many students at self-directed programs take community college courses as college freshmen and sophomores and then transition to a four year school for their final two years. This is an affordable and common way to transition to college. Often students take community college courses or audit university courses while also attending a self-directed learning center. They can draw on the support of the staff and community of the learning center while they get used to doing college level work and document their work for college admissions purposes.



Sometimes students are accepted on the basis of interviews, entrance essays, and test scores. There are a variety of ways that non-traditional students have gained admission to college. We are in contact with admissions officers at local universities and consult them regularly. We will consider all options for those students who intend to go to college.