Tuition and Fees

Bay State Learning Center is committed to being an economically diverse community.  We work with families of all financial backgrounds and offer limited scholarship assistance to make BSLC widely accessible.

Bay State Learning Center charges a membership fee.  We do not receive any state or federal funding and rely on fees, volunteers, and fundraising in order to provide our services and program. Our goal is to keep BSLC as accessible as possible.


Five-Month Semester Contracts: Members are required to make a five-month commitment when joining. The billing cycles cover September through January and February through June. Semester payments (each payment being one-half the annual costs listed below ) are due August 15 and January 15. No refunds are made to members who choose to terminate membership during these billing cycles. We request a non-refundable deposit of $500 upon joining BSLC and submitting registration materials. When joining after the start of the session, tuition is due in full (or first month's tuition, if on a monthly payment plan) when submitting your New Member packet. If you have submitted a financial aid form application along with your packet, tuition will be due within three days upon receipt of confirmation of aid. If you are paying on a monthly basis, first payment is due on the 15th of the month. 



Total Fee (Annual) Fee Per Semester Minimum Deposit
$12,000 $5,750 $500

Monthly Installments by Credit or Debit Cards: Families that cannot pay in two installments may pay in monthly installments.  Members paying the fee in monthly installments must use a credit or debit card that can be automatically charged each month.  


Flexibility: BSLC understands that the specific days that a teen comes to BSLC may change over time.  We understand that members may occasionally want to participate in a workshop or special activity on a day that they do not normally come to BSLC.  Please let us know when this occurs and feel welcome to attend. In addition, we invite everyone to come as many days as they would like during the first week of membership in order to make informed choices about a long-term schedule.  


Volunteering: We encourage both parents and teens to volunteer to help us with a variety of tasks. This is one of the strategies we use to keep costs down. We cannot trade services for tuition, but we do give fee reductions to families that need it. Participating in our volunteer program helps us to be able to do this. If you receive a fee reduction, we strongly encourage, but do not require, volunteering. If you or your child have a special skill or service you can offer, please let us know.


Pro-Rated Fees: The annual fee will be pro-rated on a quarterly basis. Please speak with Jon Ireland if you are interested in joining in the middle of the year.


Donations: If you feel that the Bay State Learning Center is providing an essential service to teens and their families, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to help us serve even more families and promote our philosophy of education.



For a New Member Packet, click here.