What The TEENS at Bay State Learning Are Saying...


Her high point of the year: Humanities Class

The high point of the year for me was having thought provoking conversations in Humanities Class. I really enjoyed the group discussions on both Mondays and Thursdays in which we would either watch and exchange views on Harvard Humanities videos or have a discussion of a reading we had all done from philosophers like Plato and playwrights like Euripides. I gained invaluable insight and knowledge by participating in this class. It opened my eyes to many theories and beliefs on the art of politics, what it means to be human, and the various existing definitions of the soul. The class was a welcoming environment full of people eager and dedicated to learn. I would usually walk into every Thursday class a bit uncertain of everything I had read, and through the course of long discussion and debate, begin to understand everything a bit more. The class gave me a new, more inquisitive way of looking at the world.


How Bay State Learning is different from other schooling

I feel this year was life changing because all the schools I've been to have made me feel like I couldn't be myself, my so called friends I had around me made me feel like I couldn't be me. When I was in school I felt like I was forced to do something I wasn't happy doing and I didn't want that. This is the one place I've been to that I know I'm happy and in being myself. This is the one place I've ever been to that. This is the first time I feel like I can and am being myself. I'm finally acting like who I am. It's the one school I've been to In my life that I felt welcomed for who I truly am.






Defining his one word to describe Bay  State: ‘fun-learning’

BSLC is fun-learning because I have fun here while learning. And because I have fun learning here, I am motivated and learn more. Here we can think outside the box and not have to be a bunch of computers walking around like robots. Robots don’t win the Nobel Prize, only creative thinkers do. Don’t get your hopes up though. The odds of one of us winning the Nobel Prize ARE very low. But anyway, that is why I described BSLC as fun-learning.       





Why ‘classes becoming interdisciplinary’ was his high point of the year. 

I had a great year this year, and the best times were when things got interdisciplinary. When all my classes melted together to show a bigger picture of the world. When I saw that we were influenced by everything, culture, religion, science, philosophy and this contributes to a general truer picture of our society, environment, and us. BSLC was a perfect environment for this, discussions with students and staff helping me to broaden my perspective. The world is too interesting and complex to restrict yourself to viewing it in one way.  Attempting to view the world like this was difficult, though. It took a lot of academic tries and failures. A lot of the time I would study, and study, but this big picture wouldn’t come. But I kept trying, and occasionally I would catch a glimpse into the larger picture. I loved these moments, they come and go, and so I would keep going for the next one.