Resources & Research



  1. Founded by Ken Danford and Joshua Hornick in 1996, Northstar was the first learning center to use the Liberated Learners model our cooperative is based on, their website has many excellent resources and reflects the same values and ideas we are based on at BSLC.
  2. Founded by Joel Hammon, PLC is another Liberated Learners model learning center that is haveing great success in Princeton, New Jersey. Joel's advice and assistance has been very useful to us.
  3. Liberated Learners is a consortium of learning centers in the US and Canada started by Ken Danford of Northstarteens and Joel Hammon of Princeton Learning Cooperative. Bay State Learning Cooperative is an affliliate of Liberated Learners. We work closely with Ken and Joel and base our program on the Liberated Learners model. 
  4. Students who have attended learning centers like ours succeed in life. Northstarteens has an overwhelming record of success. Read about it here:
  5. A great resource clearing house for alternative schooling ideas and options.
  6. Patrick Farenga's website carries on the work of his mentor, John Holt, and has many excellent resources on home schooling and unschooling
  7. Peter Bergson's website for his home schooling resource center in suburban Philadelphia. 
  8. Kerry McDonald's is a great resource for home schoolers.



  1. "How to create non-readers"

  2. "10 Obvious Truths That We Shouldn't Be Ignoring"

  3. These and many other excellent articles can be found on Alfie Kohn's website:

  4. "School is a prison and it's damaging our kids"

  5. Ken Danford of Northstarteens on the Northstar model

  6. Ken Danford article published in Education Revolution: The Magazine of the Alternative Education Resource Organization  

  7. Also by Ken Danford, some words on how well students with alternative education backgrounds succeed in college



  1. The War On Kids By Cevin Soling 
  2. Race To Nowhere By Maimone Attia, Vicki Abeles, and Jessica Congdon
  3. TED Talk: "The Puzzle of Motivation" by Daniel Pink
  4. TED Talk "How Schools Kill Creativity" by Sir Ken Robinson