The Individualized Learning Plan

Every mind is different, which means every education will be different. At BSLC we will work with each student to devise an individual education plan. Working with a staff mentor, each student will evolve their own plan based on their interests, passions, and abilities. BSLC staff will assist with discussion, advising, research and brainstorming to help find the best way to pursue the plan. BSLC will also provide the space, resources and support necessary to carry out the plan. 


Advising Meetings

Each student will have a staff mentor who will help the student to achieve their goals. Staff mentors provide a variety of support services like arranging tutorials, tracking progress, and facilitating necessary community connections. 


Classes, Workshops, and Tutorials

  • BSLC will offer a variety of courses, workshops, and tutorials from Monday - Thursday from 9:00 - 4:00. Look for our calendar page for initial offerings soon.
  • Our core staff will teach many classes and workshops, but we will also draw on our extended staff of work-study students, volunteers, and interns.
  • We have access to work-study students from Boston's many universities and colleges and have many flexible resources to meet student’s needs. 
  • All classes are either conducted in small groups or individually. 
  • Courses and workshops are based on the interests of our students and will change based on demand.  



One of our core beliefs at BSLC is that learning doesn't just happen in a classroom. Field trips, outings and excursions of all kinds are a part of the BSLC experience. Boston is one of the most culturally rich places on earth and we take advantage of that.  When the weather permits, hikes, camping trips, rock climbing, bird watching, and volunteer conservation projects will also be among the activities students can choose to participate in. We think that engagement with our community and the world are a crucial part of the learning process.


An Alternative Approach

BSLC is a non-coercive environment for members aged 10-19; we think any learning of consequence must be self-motivated. There is a great deal of research to support this conclusion. We support and advise but we do not try to force or control. All of us in the core staff of BSLC have seen firsthand the negative impact coercive methods have on learning. Attendance at BSLC is voluntary and members are free to come and go throughout the day. The only requirements at BSLC are attendance at the weekly community meeting and to preserve the safe and welcoming environment by treating all staff and students with courtesy and respect.