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"Helping Our Kids MOVE out of Struggle and Into Ease" with Jayne Steinberg

Why are so many of our kids struggling today???

Learn how simple movement-based learning techniques encourage whole-brain learning, optimize skills, reduce stress, eliminate learning blocks and encourage living well, and with ease.

If you're a parent, caregiver, teacher, therapist, or anyone interested in living with ease, Join Me! You will leave feeling empowered with knowledge and tools you can put to use immediately!!!

To learn more:

Jayne Steinberg is a licensed speech-language pathologist, with over 20 years of experience, and a mother of three. Through her experience as an allied health professional, and as a mother of kids who were falling through the cracks of the traditional educational and medical systems -- she needed to take her journey for answers further and deeper. She was frustrated with teaching compensatory strategies which just covered up important issues and challenges. In her quest for the right combinations of strategies that would address the root cause of the challenges her family and her clients' were experiencing, she found the healing properties inherent in reflex integration, movement-based learning and energy medicine. In her experience, this combination is responsible for the most profound and permanent changes that enable individuals to truly heal and live life with ease. They all have common origins that can be traced to various ancient healing traditions, as well as movement found in early neuro-developmental patterns. She feels blessed to have found and studied these modalities -- and as a natural teacher, she thoroughly enjoys sharing everything she knows with her clients! Nothing brings her greater joy and satisfaction than helping others achieve optimal balance -- creating lives filled with ease.

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