About Bay State Learning Center

At Bay State Learning Center we think that the best and most lasting kind of learning is self-directed learning. Each student has the opportunity to work with a mentor to design a specialized learning program to fit his or her own needs, strengths, and interests. BSLC provides a safe, comfortable environment where students can work, socialize, and thrive free of the coercion and pressure of traditional school. 

We serve students ranging from successful straight A students to students who struggle with school structure, to students who are disengaged and uninterested in standardized course work. BSLC is for kids who need an open, flexible environment where they can find the security and freedom to succeed without irrelevant demands, arbitrary standardization, and institutional uniformity.

BSLC is a non-coercive environment for students ages 10-19. We do not have grades, tests, or specific curricular requirements. 


BSLC is committed to working with families with limited economic resources and has rolling admissions, accepting students at any time in the school year. 


Please contact us if you are interested or click here for a New Member Packet.

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